Never regret!

REGRET! I do not have that word in my vocabulary, I always says to myself and to my friends it is a waste of time, energy, and emotion to regret something or things that already done and happened. We cannot turn back the time and undo things, decisions and words that been said. Unless we have a time machine and we can go back to our past and re undo the bad things and make it perfect. For sure, that machine will be a big hit! Everyone want to use that machine and make his or her past perfect. Maybe this world will be a better place and no poor people, everyone has a good life, or it can be a disaster as everyone will became egoistic and do not want to have a hard life. An overused machine, everyone will use you over and over again. Admit it, we people will never be contended of what we have, we always want everything and yet we keep complaining. Sad, but that’s the truth I guess. Nevertheless, I will never use that machine to re-undo my life. I think I will never be this kind of person if I did not experienced my past and I consider my past as my best teacher. Beside my parents, family, friends, the people I have meet in my life and my faith with HIM, my past taught me also a lot to became a better person, my past taught me to deal with different people and different situation with good manners as much as possible.

Sometimes I did things that I should not did do, but I keep doing it. Typical me….. Stubbornbitch! Like last Tuesday, in the middle of the week, it was a perfect summer for me, the sun is so bright, no gray clouds; the sky is so clear like a crystal blue. We went to the school of Sofia to congratulate her and we had a little zip of white wine there. Afterwards, we were invited to have a pizza in her mom’s place, so we came and we seated at their backyard outside. I had a cup of coffee first, and I’m holding myself not to have an alcohol that day, because the following day I have school and Peer cannot drink because he need to drive home. But then, I got one glass of wine, and I told myself “ok just one glass and let it last for the entire evening”. The wine tasted so good and I drunk my glass of wine after an hour, then she pour me again another one, and it lasted for an halfhour. The conversation just got interesting and the alcohol in body was started to talk, but I must admit it was fun and I love the wine. And then she keeps pouring and pouring wine in my glass until I cannot control it anymore.

From four in the afternoon until eight in the evening I almost passed out, but luckily I have an angel to remind me that my eyes are starting to crossed and meaning I’m getting drunk and I cannot control it anymore. So, my husband decided to bring me home, in the car on our way home I was still able to post a picture in IG, and right after posting it I don’t remember what happened next. The next thing I remember is when I woke up in the middle of the night feeling so thirsty and I drunk 1 liter of water. Then go back to bed and trying to remember what did I do? did I said something bad? Or did I do something awful? And I hope I did not do something stupid. I hate it when I put myself in the situation that I’m not aware of, especially when I cannot do anything about it because I let the alcohol over power my body. Then again, I will said to myself I should not do that, but I already did! Besides, I guess I had fun! Because when my husband woke up he tissed me, how I able to brush my teeth and went to bed half naked.   It was disaster! And on the following day I have a school and I’m totally blocked out at school. It was a waste of day, my favorite day, Wednesday I was not productive at all!

So again, I told to myself I would never do that again! I hope my inner self will listen to me and be brave enough that to follow my instinct, but to her inner self. Nevertheless, I love that way, that every time I got drunk I’m totally blocked out I don’t remember anything at all. They said it was an excuse of a drunk person, but based on my own personal experiences it happened to me, I totally forgot everything. Which is for me is a good thing so I will not feel ashamed what happened that night because I don’t have memory. But they have a picture of me and a story that they will tell and pass in a million times, then again it will not sink in to my system because there is no record in my memory that it happened to me. Is that an excuse or a gift? I will consider that as a gift, and move on look forward to another fun and memorable evening together with my friends and family. I just hope it will not happen during weekdays in the middle of school time or a workdays and hoping I will be more wiser and matured not to passed out and let the alcohol control my whole body, after all it’s not fun to be out of the place, every time they are having fun talking about your shit.



Du er altid der for mig

Men jeg kan ikke være der for dig

Du venter og sidder

På bare ét opkald, du er der for mig

Jeg kan ikke få nok af dig

Du er min egen narko

Jeg bliver afhængig af dig

De siger meget koffein er usundt

Men jeg kan ikke få nok dig

Især om morgenen….


Gossip…. This word is always use by the famous people, but even to ordinary people like me, we gossiping each other and we love to hear plenty of gossip around our surroundings, we gossiping our families, friends, classmate, officemate, neighbors and even our pets.

I think everyone love to hear new gossip, old gossip and even nonsense gossip, but noone admits it! That they love to gossip.  Questions is, do we really know what is the real meaning of this noun word called “GOSSIP”. In dictionary you will see plenty definition e.g. rumor or talk of a personal; sensational; intimate nature; casual and idle chat: to have a gossip with a friend; a conversation involving malicious chatter or rumours about other people: a gossip about the neighbors; and lastly the gossipmonger a person who habitually talks about others, esp maliciously.

Gossiping other people is not always bad I guest, I think it’s depend who will received this news/story and how she/he will pass this news to other people. It became bad when we intend to deliver this news to create a clash or worse a “cat fight” between two girls, or to destroy the credibility of one person. Other people like to hear gossip for fun, talking with common friends and sharing their opinions. For me it’s an exercise to your mind, you debate because you wanna defend the other side of story. But you don’t know the other side of story. But then you believe one side of story without knowing the other side. As they says, there are always three sides of story: her side, his side and the truth. But sometimes, some people are so naïve that they thought they are helping other people to reunite but instead they are creating a wall, a distance that can lead to a big fight. Jealousy can also lead to bad gossip, creating a false story just to catch the attention of other people and destroy one people. But again, as receiver you have your own judgement, how you will deal with this false news/story? Will you believe it right away without knowing the other side of story or pass this story to the people who are really involve? Or you will just ignore it and let the time kill the story.

And as the meaning says “sensational” we talk about the story or news, because its either you are sensation or your story is sensation, by which people intend to talk about you or your story because they wanna learn from your story or they just wanna to be part of your famed.

But for me everytime my friends or one of my family member tell me “Hey I have a new gossip!” my initial reactions would be like “what it is? About whom? Come on, spell it out! That is my human nature reaction being so curious all the time I wanna know everything specially when the story is about people we know. On the other hand, I love gossiping because I wanna know more about my friends the way they tell the story, you will know what kind of people they are, and at the same time you are learning from them by how they react in different kind of gossip.

In the end, it’s a matter of how you will receive and pass the story, take it or leave it!

Happy 35th birthday!!!

10 June 2015, today is my 35th birthday! I am so bless and so thankful that I reached this age. And today I discover new thing from my husband how creative he is. He surprised me with his creativity, he made his own birthday card and he wrote his own greeting message. I posted this “greeting card” because I found it so unique, he did not bought it, with readymade message, but I love the fact that he wrote his very own greetings. He is not a fancy guy, he’s just “my man” like he wrote in the letter “din mand” in layman term “your man/husband”.

At 35 I am happily married, we are not perfect couple, we have our ups and downs, endless funny histories, discussions and plenty of it, silent treatment, dined in, wines, rum and cola, hugs and kisses, differences and yet, we don’t want to give up each other. There are most of the time, we are fighting to learn and accept the differences of each other because we are still individual, and we grow up in different era. It’s a big work having a different culture and everything, but I think the key in any kind of relationship is COMMUNICATION. And in communication there will be always two sides, the receiver and the giver. We need to listen when one is talking and to be heard, and to accept his/her opinion. Of course that is not easy, specially to us women, we always thought we are right, specially me (hahahha) I’m so stubborn, I need to experienced things before I agree and say yes. But my man taught me how to listen and I’m still learning, I’m still on working process.

birthday greetings